We began in 1987 by placing a small ad in the exchange/trade sections of a few stamp newpapers. Over the years we have had 100's of happy members join The Stamp Exchange, a few from the original 1987 ad response are still with us after 100's of successful trades. What began as an attempt to contact like minded collectors looking for stamps for their collections by using their duplicates in trade quickly grew into a much bigger and more sophisticated exchange than originally anticipated, to the point where we could no longer accept new members. We have had a large number of very positive responses to The Stamp Exchange over the years and now that we are both retired form our professional careers, we've decided to expand The Stamp Exchange. We hope you will find it enjoyable and rewarding. Email us or fill out the contact form today and we will assign you a membership number and provide what you need to become a member of The Stamp Exchange.
Copyright 2002 Steve Kidd