We offer a great selection of top quality mint or used stamps at only 40% Scotts C.V. Send $20 or more (USD), receive country, regional, or world wide (your choice) of better values only. Keep what you want, return the rest and receive another selection. No postage or handling fees if you keep at least $30 C.V. from each selection sent, otherwise the postage required to send your selection will be deducted form your account. Don't forget to tell us your collecting interests
( by country, area, or world wide). Sorry, no topical selections available at this time.


Trade your unwanted duplicates (no faults of any kind) by joining The Stamp Exchange trading program as outlined in the rules.

A few tips to make your participation in the exchange more enjoyable and successful.

- Let us know your collecting interests and we will do our best to send stamps from that area.

- Keep healthy account balances so you will receive a greater variety of material. We recommend minimum account balances of: F and G exchanges $100 each, H exchange $200. (F, G and H exchanges are explained in the rules).

- Do not send only the lowest C.V. type of stamp or faulty stamps. They will not trade and will be returned to you at your expense.

- Protect what you send in the mail by using appropriate envelopes and reinforcing them with cardboard stiffeners and taping edges and seams. Avoid sending large, bulky (thick) envelopes: better to send the mailing in 2 or more smaller packages.

- FOR RESIDENTS IN THE U.S.A: Due to Canada's Goods and Services Tax (G.S.T) and Customs Regulations, we strongly recommend you limit each mailing to a maximum of 100 grams (3 oz.) each and use #10 size envelopes. DO NOT attach a customs declaration.

Copyright 2002 Steve Kidd