There are 3 exchange levels, based on Scott C.V.'s. Once we have your first entries we'll open an account for you and assign you a membership number.



1. Only Scott listed stamps can be entered (no damaged, heavily cancelled, poor quality material or CTO's accepted.

2. Mount your stamps with good quality hinges on the blank sheets we provide. For MNH stamps use proper stamps mounts OR if complete sets send in unmounted 102 cards or glassines. We'll send more blank sheets as you request them or copy some yourself to save postage costs. Enter the Scott # and the C.V. below each stamp on the sheet, total the C.V.'s and complete the information required on the front of the sheet. NOTE: Use large (8.5" x 11") sheets for F exchange entries and small (5.5" x 8.5") sheets for G and H exchange entries.

3. Organize your sheets by country, region, or send W.W mixed. You will receive similar in return, i.e. if you wish country selections do not enter world wide mixed.

4. Each Sheet must contain all different stamps.

5. You receive 90% C.V. credit for stramps you enter. Your sheets circulate until the remaining balance, or demand, is too small (or the C.V.'s are out of date). When returned to you the remaining C.V. is deducted from your account balance.
* New entries must use C.V.'s from the 3 most recent years. With the 2003 issues now appearing you need to use 2001 or more recent Scott C.V.'s.

6.When removing stamps from a sheet enter your memebership number in the vacant space, total the C.V. of the stamps kept and enter that amount on the front with your membership number. Please calculate the C.V. balance remaining.

7. We reserve the right to return any sheets we believe will not trade.

8. You may purchase credit in the categories at 40% of C.V. (U.S. funds). MNH U.S.A or Canada stamps accepted at full face value in lieu of cash.

9. Each exchange level (F,G,H) is free-standing. Trading balances are not mixed.

10. Losses in the mail (which rarely happen) will be shared equaily by The Stamp Exchange and the member. Stamps damaged during transit are the responsibility of the sender. To help prevent damage package your mail properly. Large bulky shipments suffer the most form automatic mail handling equipment. Use proper sized envelopes, cardboard stiffeners, and tape seams and corners.

11. Postage: Each member pays their own postage. Send $5.00 to open your postage account with your first batch of entries. U.S. funds will be converted at the current exchange rate. MNH U.S.A or Canada stamps accepted at face value. Your postage account will be charged for the necessary postage and cost of envelopes.

12. Leaving the Exchange: when you advise us you wish to leave, we will begin collecting what is left of your entries that are circulating and send the balance due to you. If you have a positive balance after all your entries have been returned we will send stamps of equal quality and C.V. to balance your account.
Copyright 2002 Steve Kidd